The New Year is always a great opportunity to clean the slate and really focus on what needs changing or working on in your life – these are your resolutions. Most people I know want to focus on their financial future and I hope that is something you are ready to act upon. After watching today’s video I am sure you will understand why. 

The market is absolutely ballistic right now – that is something you can’t deny. We are seeing the market sentiment changing and people lining up at open homes finance ready. New building starts are at 28% increase on this time last year.  Things are just going NUTS!

How much of it are you going to grasp? Will you let it land in your hands or simply sift through your fingers? It’s times like this that define where we end up financially and there is a lot riding on the decisions you make right now. I want to help you nail a systematic plan for retirement to ensure a very wealthy future.

I need to reinforce that right now the market is in a very fast transition.

We are about to witness the largest tectonic shift; a quantum change in Australian property history. Jot this down.

Around $591 billion of superannuation is about to be released. Where are we going to see around 68-70% of this capital deployed to? Property.

Personally, this is why right now I am so aggressive in my buying pattern. I know that a wave of capital is going to be injected into the property market which will trigger a surge of growth. So what am I doing……investing NOW and so are many others.

Super is a commanding force set to drive prices up, however Australia is also in a huge population conundrum right now. We have far more demand for real estate than we have supply. The Housing Institute of Australia claims we are somewhere around 75,000 dwellings short per year nationally, which is another huge growth driver. 

We must capitalise on this before the market really heats up. With this, there will also be a spike in values. I am telling you that you must set a plan in motion NOW. 

It is time to get your finances in order. Get your tax done. Get your ducks in a row. Fill out a Financial Snapshot and forward it to the Massland Property Team now! Feel free to pick up the phone and call (07) 5531 7822 or shoot them an email them now at if that’s easier. Request a financier to look at where you are at now and how you can start your Automatic Acquisition Plan (AAP) in 2014…… because this is the year to make hay.

I urge you to act now as I fear you may not get another crack with prices this low and every day literally counts.

My team can show you how to realise huge growth in capital, reduce your tax and give you a rental guarantee that sees the mortgage accounted for.

Embark on a new year with action and make 2014 the year you remember that changed your life.

Yours in success…

Mark Rolton