We did it… we’ve smashed the target, we’ve reached over $100,000 in donations to help the victims of human trafficking.  I cannot thank you enough for your generosity… it’s incredible.

After one of the most gruelling physical and mental challenges imaginable, the Des Sables Marathon is over. In temperatures of 47 degrees, climbing massive dunes and running long stretches of vast desert that seemed endless, somehow the adrenaline continued to kick in to get over the finish line.

As you know, I’m putting my hand in my pocket to match every dollar raised… by doubling your donations, this means we’ve already raised over $200,000. What a fantastic team effort.

Massland’s ‘Stop the Slavery’ Campaign supporting Project Futures

Trekking across the Sahara fundraising

The Stop the Slavery challenge has been to support the great work of Project Futures to help in the fight to stop sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia. Project Futures work as an Australian anti-human trafficking organisation supporting women and girls who have been victim to this terrible crime. The money raised will help these women and girls recover from their ordeal and help them rebuild their lives.

Even though the Des Sables Marathon has finished, there is still time to donate to this fantastic cause. If you’re able to contribute, please accept my heartfelt thanks. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Anything is possible. When we started out with a target of $100,000, it seemed daunting, but here we are, so very close. At the same time, 250kms across a desert seemed like a huge challenge, and now it’s been achieved with some blood, sweat and tears along the way.

If you can help, or share this campaign with your friends, CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PROJECT FUTURES DONATION PAGE.

Yours in success and compassion






Mark Rolton