If you have been following the Massland Facebook page, or reading my blog, you’d know that I was fortunate enough recently to undertake one of the most gruelling mental and physical challenges I’ve ever experienced, the Des Sables Marathon across the Sahara Desert.

It was for an incredibly good cause, and so many people generously donated to help victims of human trafficking.

To make a difference, we partnered with Project Futures to help in the fight to stop sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia.

Project Futures work as an Australian anti-human trafficking organisation supporting women and girls who have been victim to this crime recover and lead safe lives.

My promise in this challenge was to match every donation dollar for dollar, which meant we raised over $200,000…an absolutely phenomenal result. A result all the more incredible when you think we achieved exactly the same outcome last year in our Stop the Slavery campaign – another $200,000 to this worthy cause was raised in 2015 as well.

Project Futures recently sent me an Impact Report, highlighting just how much of a difference this money makes to the lives of victims. It was truly humbling to see how these donations contributed to improving the day to day lives of so many people.

Here’s what the money helped to achieve in 2015:

changing lives

Take a look at the full report here.

Thank you again to the generous contributors to the Stop the Slavery campaign, and be proud in the knowledge that you have helped so many.

Mark Rolton