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The temperatures this summer have been off the charts with the soaring mercury almost matching the sizzling hot property market.

Most of Australia has spent the last few months trying to stay out of the crazy hot weather. With record high temperatures all over the country, most of us were asking ‘how much hotter can it get?’

It’s the same with the property market…there is no end in sight for the soaring highs that are being achieved through property investing.

The latest news from the December quarter shows the once exclusive $1m suburb club is booming. According to property analysts, Core Logic, the number of suburbs in Australia with a medium home value of $1 million or more, has skyrocketed in the last five years…it’s off the charts!

The analysis uncovered that there was a 160 per cent rise in the number of suburbs with an average of $1m over the five years to last December. Today there are 750 suburbs across the country with a medium $1 million price – compared to the 275 suburbs five years ago.

What does this mean for you? It means you’re running out of time as prices climb…the time to act is NOW while you still can.

Life flies by so fast with work, family, deadlines, bills and basic day-to-day living.  You get to the end of the year and reflect on your choices; and the things you haven’t achieved.

That means, if you’re not already investing in Brisbane, it’s time to make a move.

Our latest Massland offering gives you all the bells and whistles, without the million dollar price tag. It’s a sound, solid investment that offers phenomenal value for money.  Click here – Mark on site on Bestow….

Bestow at Burpengary is just 36 minutes from booming Brisbane and is a development that ticks all the boxes at the impressive price point of $426,700.

These house and land packages are move in ready with all the trimmings that tenants crave and within close proximity to booming Brisbane. Take a look at what’s on offer with Bestow:

  • all landscaping, fences, driveways, letterbox, TV aerial, window treatments, floor coverings, turf and clotheslines
  • built-in wardrobes with rails and shelving
  • fabulous chef’s kitchen with all stainless steel appliances
  • highly sought after stone bench tops
  • alfresco entertaining area
  • air conditioning in both the living area and master bedroom
  • just minutes from highly sought after shopping, medical facilities, schools and public transport on every tenant’s wish list
  • wrap all these additions into a contemporary four bedroom, 2 bathroom home AND you get Massland’s Peace of Mind Rental Guarantee

If you think that this type of mind blowing opportunity is only available to people with huge incomes or massive savings, it’s time to think again. If you have a regular steady income…this is within your grasp. Tapping into this lucrative market is not just for the lucky few…it is achievable if you’re willing to take action.

Call and speak to Leon on 07 5531 7822 or and get started…

Make sure you grab this opportunity while it’s hot…this sizzling summer won’t last forever and neither will Bestow. 

Call or email Leon today…

Keep chargin’…

Mark Rolton


Mark Rolton Video Competition: How Has Property Investing Changed Your Life? 

To celebrate our love of property in Australia, Massland and Mark Rolton are giving you the chance to Win The Ultimate Property Investor Trip for Two to the USA.

What’s Included:

  • 6 nights accommodation PLUS return airfares for two people
  • 3 days in a Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki workshop designed to take your real estate investing career to the next level!
  • 2 Passes to Disneyland in LA

How To Enter? 

 Upload a 30 second video telling us how property investing has changed your life?
Then……..Tell all your friends to VOTE for you!


It’s really easy. All you have to do is make a 30 second video sharing your love of real estate, when you started investing and how property has changed your life.


  • Have you created equity in property?
  • Is your cashflow position better?
  • Has your relationship improved?
  • Can you spend more time with the family?
  • Have you got money to go on holidays?
  • Are you less stressed, paying of debt and have a sleep at night factor?


Or maybe just a new found confidence and swing in your step…… 

Whatever property investing has done for you – we would love to know.

You’ve got one month to create your video, upload it here AND get as many “likes” or votes as possible.

You have one month……..Now ready…set…go!

This is a phenomenal opportunity to take your property investing journey to the next level, but don’t procrastinate as the voting lines are open.

Head to this link now to get your entries in.

We can’t wait to watch your video case study and hear how your life has changed.


Elevated house and land packages

Melbourne’s North is rapidly rising as the region’s economy transitions and urbanises, with the area offering an array of attractive lifestyle attributes.. and the masses are quickly catching on.

Massland investors have an opportunity to purchase in Elevated on Everton, before the area explodes from an abundance of creative, development, manufacturing, logistic and warehousing industries.

Mark Rolton and Massland have a just released new Melbourne house and land package set in Mernda, which has been named as one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria. A strategic transport plan developed by the Victorian State Government has earmarked Mernda to be ‘re-connected’ to the rail system with the ‘South Morang and Mernda Rail Alliance’due to rising population and congestion in the area and is currently in strong discussions.

Unabated Population Growth

Mernda has experienced an unbelievable population growth of 689% from 2006 – 2011. The region as a whole has seen a surge in population by 136,556 over the past ten years. Experts predict that over the next ten years the region will expand by 250,000; placing further pressure on already strained property market. Melbourne Greater City has again dominated Australia’s population growth for the 11th year in a row as of 2013 and is expected to boom past 5 million people by 2025; overtaking Sydney’s declining population growth before 2040.(Source: ABS)


Employment and Services Exploding

Melbourne’s share of total employment is expected to increase over the next thirty years to around 34.1% by 2031, equivalent to 1,012,500 jobs. Melbourne’s North (where this investment sits) has increased its share of Victorian GDP to 13% and is of vital importance to Melbourne’s overall economic performance.

World Class Infrastructure in the Billions

Over the past decade the Melbourne government’s investment in infrastructure has doubled, and investment over 2014-2015 is estimated at an enormous $6.1 billion. Melbourne Airport, the $10 Billion dollar East west link, freight hubs, transport networks and the relocation of wholesale markets promises enhanced connectivity to the more affordable suburbs in Melbourne’s North where this investment sits, increasing liveability and promising strong demand to this area.

Massland’s Unique Promise – Our Rent Assurance Program

Massland offers our investors a unique level of protection and peace of mind with a guarantee to cover your rent if your property is vacant for more than 5 days. This means that your back pocket is always covered with cash flow guaranteed and your investment plans will always stay on track. No other company offers this level of comfort.

Contact our National Sales Team NOW to secure one of the last 3 lots as they will not last. $1000 will secure your house and land in Melbourne.

Fill in your Expression of Interest and Financial Snapshot NOW and email it through ASAP to  

Get cracking now….
As each and every day passes by at a hectic pace we know just how easy it is to forget about the bigger picture. Living frantically where the fast pace of life can mean you don’t have time to sit down for a cuppa, let alone plan for your financial future.
Today, Mark Rolton, CEO of Massland explains The Automatic Acquisition Plan and how many of our clients are using this very system to avoid falling into the poverty trap.

86% of the world’s millionaires have made their fortunes in property and what Mark Rolton is going to share with you today is the exact mechanism that the rich use.

If you think about it – most Aussies are knocking out about 45-50 hours per week at work. They pay a ridiculous amount of tax (throwing hundreds of dollars aimlessly at the government …year in and out) and just access this as the “best that it gets”.

With a mortgage, school fees, credit card debts, car loans, rego, fuel, electricity….you may have a couple of crumbs left over each week. It is of no surprise that three quarters of the population ends up in retirement with NO MONEY!

Mark Rolton teaches a concise and definitive plan – an automatic system to grow your wealth using those left over crumbs astutely so you don’t fall into the poverty trap.

Think about this very carefully – in Sydney last year the AVERAGE property grew by $118,000 in just one year. If you have 4-5 of those in your portfolio – you would have made $400,000 – $500,000 in just one calendar year

Don’t put your plans on the back burner anymore and let another year slip by without tapping into the huge profits that Australian property offers.

Fill in your financial snapshot today and email it through to the Massland team and a Property Strategist will be in touch to dig down on your options and the best move for you and your family.

A Massland Property Strategist can help you ascertain:-

  • What you can do financially
  • What exact plan to apply now to move forward
  • What kind of tax you’re wasting
  • How you can best utilise tax incentives
  • Where the main problems are with your current financial setup
  • How to boost your cash flow each week and stop the money stress
  • How you and your partner can get on the same page and work like a well-oiled machine

Maybe you want to be a full time mum or dad without financial stress…..Maybe you want to work less hours…..or quit your job completely…..Maybe you just want to move your retirement age forward to your 50’s! Maybe it’s about being able to help your parents financially as they grow older …..or giving back and supporting a charity…

Whatever your personal situation is, a Massland Property Strategist can help you navigate the road a lot faster, spot financial problems weighing you down and help you avoid common mistakes. After meeting with a property strategist, yo will come out with a rock solid plan to get things moving in the best possible way for you and your family. Mark Rolton has hundreds of clients using the Automatic Acquisition Plan to aggressively take charge of their financial future. If you’re serious about changing things then lock in a time today to get your plan in motion.

It’s time to get proactive and get your head out of the sand.

STEP 1 –  Fill in your financial snapshot today   STEP 2 – Email it through to my team at and one of the experts Mark Rolton’s team will be in contact with you to book in your personalised appointment or call the office on 07 5531 7822. Even though life gets busy it is crucial that you start planning today. Avoid the poverty trap….

Yours in success…
The Massland Property Group

Let’s face it, when we get valuations done on our properties, we are wanting to see the largest number possible on the valuation certificate, aren’t we?  So if you have done all you can as far as renovations are concerned, spent money and invested time into the project, then why be content to sit back and leave things to chance?

To me this is simply illogical.

I believe the thing to do is to work with influence….not just when negotiating going in.

I believe you MUST provide the valuer with all the evidence needed to justify the highest possible valuation you can get. All too often I see property investors do all the work, putting in long hours for weeks or months on end and spending far more than they need to, only to surrender control when it counts most by leaving it all in the hands of the valuer.

If I’m going to put anything in the valuer’s hands, it’s going to be strong comparables that justify the highest number possible on the eventual valuation.

This is how I go about it.

I refer to RP Data and/ or Pricefinder and make a list of all the sales, both high and low, in the immediate area around my property over the last six months. I then speak to the agent who sold me the property and ask for details of recent sales that aren’t yet reflected in RP Data.

I then compile a spreadsheet to reflect this information and include the agent’s details as well as printouts of the sales recorded on RP Data/ Pricefinder. This is data that the valuer doesn’t yet have and which will potentially and legitimately boost the value of my property straight away. It’s worth it’s weight in gold and well worth the additional effort in obtaining because it also shows the valuer that you are professional and knowledgeable in your approach.

You need to approach all aspect of property investing, including property valuations intelligently and scrupulously – put in the maximum effort possible- especially at this end stage – otherwise you could have put in months worth of work and time to end up with a figure you can’t do anything with. The whole point of a renovation – is to add value in the valuers eyes – so it’s very important you do whatever you can do – to get the maximum value on paper so you can pull out your money, recycle your equity and keep investing.

A good or bad property valuation can mean the difference between being stuck for years or being able to move forward – investing as much effort to influence your valuation could really pay off. You see, when the valuer visits my properties I always make a point of accompanying him as I can then be sure to hand feed him critical details of surrounding sales as well as point out the improvements I have made and how much they cost.

I have learnt over the years that hard work by itself doesn’t necessarily guarantee results, intelligence and overseeing every little aspect does. Approach this like a business – because it is!


Chris and Felicity have proactively changed the scope of their financial future through educating themselves alongside Mark Rolton and Massland’s property programs.

In just over 2 years this couple has amassed $228,000! Read what they have to say about the last two years below.

splitter final

Since we have completed the course we have completed:-

– A splitter, where we renovated the front house and split the back into 2 blocks realising a profit of $103,000

– A splitter including a renovation of the front house and split back block.  Both front and rear sold before an open house making us a profit of $121,000.

  • Therefore from Nov 2011 till Feb 2014 we have made $228,000 AND we still have 6 marine berths and 5 rental properties.

We are currently looking at another splitter and build and perhaps an option on 2 large blocks which could be split into 5 for completion in 2014 with estimated profit of $300,000.

 “Massland and Mark Rolton has solidified our confidence that we are moving forward in the right direction and opened our eyes to more of the possibilities a property can offer.” Chris and Felicity

renovation and splitter deal

It is evident that Chris and Felicity have fully understood that  they can grab huge chunks of profits – creating huge cash flow for themselves just by stepping outside the square and doing things differently to the masses – and this is just in 2 years. They are truly approaching real estate with a mindset of controlling an asset instead of paying for it – and have opened up unlimited access to wealth just by using one strategy Mark Rolton teaches his students.

The strategy Chris and Felicity are using doesn’t rely on the market to move or improve – rather they are driving value themselves through a strategic renovation and a Development Approval. They are applying the skills of the new rich.

The approach of the real estate mogul is driven by a completely different thought pattern to most. The mogul asks themselves, “How do I maximise this deal, create even greater value and create an even stronger yields from each deal?”

The important rules of making the most profits in property investing – an excerpt from Mark Rolton’s Latest Ebook – “The Rapid Profit Plan for Property Wealth in 2014”

If you don't ask you don't get blog- MasslandDiscounted real estate is where some of the largest gains are to be made. Understand this rule, that huge profits are made at the time of purchase not necessarily at the sale of the property. While the masses are running scared, you are presented with an opportune time to strike. Another important rule to remember is, you will make twice as much in a ‘down’market as you will in an ‘up’market.

Be brazen with what you offer. Don’t be too scared to start with a low-ball offer.

If you can see the wisdom of these two rules, you’ll understand why I maintain you need to be bold with your offers. Obviously, the softer the market, the keener the seller will usually be to shift the property.

Let me give you an example.

I came across this property that was on the market for $269,000. I immediately knew it to be a good deal as it had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big living room and was on 890m² of land. Now here’s the thing: the previous contract had fallen through because it was discovered that the house had termites.

The market at the time was soft and the seller had become disillusioned. I noticed that the surrounding properties were on the market for $290,000 and the neighbouring property had recently sold for $330,000. Using my knowledge of the market, I explained to the agent that due to the deteriorating market it was clear to me that there were plenty of sellers keen to discount in order to secure a sale. The agent agreed.

This was my cue, so I produced an offer that was clear and concise. I offered to buy the property for $230,000 with a delayed settlement of four months. I also added that I needed access to the property during that four month period.

The agent looked at me in disbelief but had no choice but to present it to the seller, who signed the contract the very next day.

This is how the deal stacked up:

Purchase price: $230,000
Stamp duty: $7,245
Renovation: $11,400
Total: $248,645
New value after renovation: $335,000
Loan to value ratio (LVR) at 80% on new valuation: $268,000

My cash, which was equity from other property, in the deal was $18,645.

The moral of the story here is to put in crazy offers as you never know if they’ll be accepted. By law agents have to present all offers to the sellers, so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

But here’s the exciting thing: at 80% LVR I got all my cash back and was able to ride the market for no money in.

An excerpt from Mark Rolton’s Newest Ebook….  “The Rapid Profit Plan for Property Wealth in 2014” – For a limited down download the ebook here

I want to bring you some powerful and very insightful news from the last 24 hours in Australia.

The RBA has just revealed that Australian exports are at an all-time high and we are almost on parity with the US dollar.

Chief Economic Adviser for HSBC, Dr Edwards has revealed that in the first two months of 2014 there was a trade surplus of an astounding $2.6 billion dollars. To put this in context for you…. Australian exports are greater than our imports by an enormous $2.6 billion, in just an 8 week window.

That is the greatest statistic of exports we’ve had since 1971.

Additionally LNG is tomorrow’s energy for Australia and we hold a staggering $200 billion dollars’ worth of LNG projects on foot right now ……Australia is the largest LNG producer in the world. 

What this means for our economy is monumental – let me explain more in today’s market snapshot!

We’ve attracted $200 billion dollars’ worth of foreign investment for that one resource! It’s no wonder Australia is heralded the lucky country.To explain this enormity…..that’s well over 60% of the whole globes expenditure on LNG alone…..which sits in our very own backyard!

This single resource is set to create over 600,000 jobs in the next decade. Do the maths here and think about the financial implications….this will bring an explosion of money and economic viability to our shores…and thousands of jobs to us and our children for many years to come….what will this do to property prices? 

Unemployment here in Australia is sitting at a low 5.7% and we are witnessing the lowest interest rates in Australia’s history….you are currently seeing a spiralling market of real estate values going through the roof.

In the last week alone in Sydney you have seven properties that have sold in excess of 20 million dollars – from Bellevue Hill to Rouse Hill – it’s extraordinary.

Every capital city bar Perth is experiencing double digit phases of growth right now.

Have you been waiting for a sign to jump into the market? Well I don’t think you need further proof that the market is on it’s way up and I don’t think you will ever witness a more incredible or robust time for property investing. The question is……. how many properties can accumulate and set up in your portfolio so you can take advantage of the largest price shift Australia has seen for the past decade? Will you have to wait another 10 years to attain this kind of capital growth again?

What are you going to do about the explosive culmination of growth drivers that is in the process of setting the market on fire? Will you look back on the tectonic shift we are about to witness and thank your stars you took some action?

Right now at Massland we have customers today buying property for $430,000 – $440,000 knowing full well they in the next year they will potentially see $60,000 – $80,000 in equity. This is the time you can make some serious money.

Can you see why hundreds of experts are referring to 2014 as the greatest real estate buying opportunity over the past 10 years?

How is your retirement plan looking? How will you possibly save the $1 million PLUS necessary for a comfortable retirement on your current wage – or the plan you are following? I suggest you get busy and make an active decision about your future today.

The market is moving fast, so much so that many face being locked out of the market forever!

If you’re looking for an investment that is “cashflow heaven” AND promises serious capital return, then I suggest you take a serious look at Returns on River Road. 

Right now we have a handful of 3bdrm townhouse priced at ONLY $306,000!!!

That’s a BRAND NEW townhouse just 20kms from Brisbane in the low $300’s (surrounded by exploding infrastructure and popular amenities)…a price like this is unheard of.

If you’re looking to create equity by December (when these settle), then submit your Expression of Interest form today to secure one of the last lots – these will not last long.

Just as you can no longer buy a unit in Sydney for $156,000 (like you could back in 1994)… the small window of opportunity will disappear shortly in and around Brisbane as well.

Don’t be kicking yourself about this too.

Returns at River Road is the best decision you’ll make this year.

 Mark Rolton

CEO – Massland

What has stopped you from investing in real estate? Have you been waiting to find the right investment and feel like you’re stuck in analysis paralysis? What does a worry free investment look like to you? Does it mean no out-of-pocket expenses? Or a huge weekly savings in your tax? Maybe you have been looking for a brand new property that actually pays you AND grows in value by settlement in a couple of months?

Today I am going to share with you a way you can get an investment that ticks all these boxes. If you have thought that investing in real estate is too expensive, then think again. I can give you a property that actually puts money in your back pocket before tax and has guaranteed rental returns! If you are looking for a secure investment in a market poised to boom, I suggest you watch this video.

If you have been stuck in a money rut maybe it’s a fresh perspective you need. I want to show you how you can make your money work harder and faster for you. Do you think you are managing your finances in the most efficient way?

If you’re looking to smash your tax (avoid paying Tony legally), your looking for secure rental income that gives you positive cashflow and you are looking to capitalise on the price surge of the SE QLD property boom, then talk to my team today.

How is your retirement plan looking? How will you possibly save the $1 million PLUS necessary for a comfortable retirement without investing in the right type of property?

Have you been wanting to align yourself with discounted properties yet are also looking for deals positioned to create instant equity?

Our 3bdrm townhouse are priced at an astounding $306,000!!! That’s a BRAND NEW townhouse just 20kms from Brisbane in the low $300’s…it’s unheard of and the price is absolutely unsustainable. Looking to create equity by the end of 2014? Then I suggest you get busy and get on a property before the market shifts again.
If you are looking at investing in a “cashflow heaven” and want to make some serious capital then I suggest you fill out you take a serious look at our latest development, Returns on River Road. The last remaining lots will not last a week. Submit your Expression of Interest form ASAP or risk missing this deal. Then forward your form to to get your foot in the door.

Data reveals dwelling values in the South East Queensland market are still rising rapidly every month.

RP Data reported that Brisbane moved 2.9% higher in March alone which was one of the highest month-on-month results of any capital city. Imagine if it continues this rising trend for 6 months? That’s a 17% growth which is around $50,000 before settlement!  RP Data suggests Brisbane is the capital to watch for future growth due to a culmination of drivers including high rental yields and prices being 30% lower than Sydney.

Can you see why hundreds of experts are referring to 2014 as the greatest real estate buying opportunity over the past 10 years?But just as you can no longer buy a unit in Sydney for $156,000 (like you could back in 1994)… this small window of opportunity will disappear shortly in and around Brisbane as well. 

Don’t be kicking yourself about this too.

Returns at River Road is the best decision you’ll make this year.

Grab one for the few remaining opportunities in ‘Returns on River Road’ NOW…This project is 85% SOLD so time is of the essence.

Contact the property investment team by emailing or call

(07) 5531 7822 and send in your EOI TODAY.

Yours in success…

Mark Rolton

CEO – Massland


 Follow the steps below to secure your slice of ‘Returns on River Road’
Fill in an Expression of Interest with all your details and we will contact you and help select the property that is right for your portfolio. Register Your EOI ASAP.
  STEP 2: SEND IT TO USOnce you have filled in the relevant paperwork please either fax it back to 07 5538 2866 or scan and email to or contact our expert Property team on (07) 5531 7822.

Massland – Helping You Plan For Retirement NOW With Mark Rolton

Let’s start by keeping it real…

What plans have you made to move forward with your financial goals? My suggestion is, before the year gets too busy and filled with excuses – get a plan that allows you to profit today. In today’s video (below) I explain why you can’t afford to waste any more time.

Do not squander the opportunity…

The market is exploding. Right now you are witnessing one of the hottest markets that we have seen in a decade. So how are you going to capitalise on the current climate? We have not seen auction clearance rates like this in a very long time. We are about to witness the largest quantum shift in Australian property history…will you be a part of it?

What I’ve observed over the past few weeks, is the massive demand developers are experiencing right now.  In Sydney recently, 171 apartments went on sale off the plan at 10am on a Saturday morning – by 5pm that same day, 127 were sold!  That’s a phenomenal result when we are talking about one bedroom apartments with no car parking for $565,000.

How is it that Massland have better projects, larger land content and lower prices?  Massland’s Sydney townhouses are selling for only $419,000!

Will you make money now….?

Allow me to assist. If you need help to understand the process and get started I want you to send some information across to the finance team. I liken this team to personal trainers but in the finance world. Their time is precious.  Fill in the financial snapshot and consult the team so they can provide the critical path that lies ahead.

They are your “must team”. They are committed to ensuring you follow through with the things you must do. We all know investing is not a passive event. You can’t watch from the sidelines. You have to become a part of the solution and really own your plan.

 Would you like to know how much you can retire on in 10 years time…?

Send across your details to and ask for some feedback. I truly suggest that right now you be honest with yourself.

You may be “upside down financially”, have credit card debt, don’t own property and you’re working three jobs just to survive. Whatever your scenario, the expert team at Massland can assist and rework your situation so you’re paying less tax and have more money in your back pocket whilst building a strong portfolio.

This is paramount to your success.  This is how I have done it…

Jot it all down – and I don’t care how bad it is. We have all been to that place before. I suggest you really tell it how it is. If it’s nasty and you’re pulling the skeletons out of the closet – that’s great. Let’s treat this as a very honest and upfront approach. Massland has a genuine solution focused finance squad, to help you making life-changing steps with the knowledge in property investing to help you retire in the future AND have more each week in your pocket.

Make the progress you deserve….


Yours in success…

Mark Rolton – CEO Massland