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New high for median house price   

The Brisbane property market is the talk of backyard barbies and around the water cooler with the latest results taking the property values to a new high never before seen.

The median price has hit an impressive $655,000, with the latest figures from the December 2016 quarter from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).

According to REIQ chief executive Antonia Mercorella, the Brisbane residential house market is a dependable performer.

“This is consistent, sustainable growth that the Brisbane market has become known for and it is great that it’s such a solid performer,” she said.

This latest news is sure to keep all eyes looking north as Melbourne and Sydney investors scramble to enter a market that is both affordable and producing incredible results.

Not only do Brisbane properties offer value for money, but the city is prospering with a strong, growing local economy. The city’s $146 billion economy (source: Brisbane City Council – Key Economic Facts 2016) is predicted to grow to more than $217 billion by 2031, and is recognised as a key driver of the Australian economy as it enters its 26th year of continuous growth. (source: Austrade 2017)

Brisbane’s appeal is also driving families back to the city with couples wanting to start a family, or couples with young children leaving the rat race of the mega cities for a much easier lifestyle.

Of course, it’s not just lifestyle that has people turning to Brisbane, it’s financial common sense, especially for Sydney-siders. According to Uno Home Loans data analysis:

  • Rents are up to $700 cheaper in Brisbane than Sydney
  • Stamp duty is significantly lower
  • Median house price is almost half of Sydney

Families are ditching Sydney for this reason, buying large spacious homes in great areas for the same price as a cramped, run down terrace in Sydney. Many are finding they have to choose between adding to their family or upgrading their home because, “financially it’s not doable.”

A couple like Andrew and Karen found that trying to upgrade their Sydney home was just too much of a challenge. Faced with the opportunity to sell their Sydney fixer upper for a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a pool on a 900 sqm block with $200,000 in change, it ended up a no-brainer for the family to move to Brisbane.

It’s certainly hard to disagree with CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless, “Brisbane’s market has everything going for it.”  

Keep charging…

Mark Rolton

Positive Cashflow BrisbaneThe Perfect Property Investment Harmonising Positive Cashflow and Capital Growth

As predicted, the response for Returns on River Road has been overwhelming…The team have been slammed with people eager to snap up this incredible positive cashflow Brisbane deal…

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The reason for my blog today is that I thought it only fair to let you know that our three day Property Options event is coming in a week, where we get hundreds of investors looking to jump on prime real estate…….meaning this final lot will absolutely be snapped up.

Today, you have the opportunity to jump the queue….. but you need to get cracking. I don’t usually focus on deals in these blogs as it’s more about offering property investment information but today, but this deal is pretty EPIC so I just had to blog about it.

Why wouldn’t anybody jump on this investment seriously?

It’s a brand new 3 bedroom townhouse – more generous than most at 130sqm of amazing quality…..set only 25 minutes to Brisbane for only $306,000! (No that is not a typo)…..


Right now – here – today…I can give you an investment that can…….

  • Guarantee you receive rent every week– even when your property is vacant. Amazing.
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  • Invest in your SMSF, enjoy immense tax benefits and contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of capital gains to your retirement nest egg instead of handing it to the taxman.

This is the only “type” of property I buy – you should, too.….Where you can enjoy the highest growth potential and rental returns.

If you are truly serious about increasing your wealth through property, then you need to ACT NOW.

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Remember the outcome: 10 Properties Debt Free in 10 Years.

See you at the finish line….

Mark Rolton

What has stopped you from investing in real estate? Have you been waiting to find the right investment and feel like you’re stuck in analysis paralysis? What does a worry free investment look like to you? Does it mean no out-of-pocket expenses? Or a huge weekly savings in your tax? Maybe you have been looking for a brand new property that actually pays you AND grows in value by settlement in a couple of months?

Today I am going to share with you a way you can get an investment that ticks all these boxes. If you have thought that investing in real estate is too expensive, then think again. I can give you a property that actually puts money in your back pocket before tax and has guaranteed rental returns! If you are looking for a secure investment in a market poised to boom, I suggest you watch this video.

If you have been stuck in a money rut maybe it’s a fresh perspective you need. I want to show you how you can make your money work harder and faster for you. Do you think you are managing your finances in the most efficient way?

If you’re looking to smash your tax (avoid paying Tony legally), your looking for secure rental income that gives you positive cashflow and you are looking to capitalise on the price surge of the SE QLD property boom, then talk to my team today.

How is your retirement plan looking? How will you possibly save the $1 million PLUS necessary for a comfortable retirement without investing in the right type of property?

Have you been wanting to align yourself with discounted properties yet are also looking for deals positioned to create instant equity?

Our 3bdrm townhouse are priced at an astounding $306,000!!! That’s a BRAND NEW townhouse just 20kms from Brisbane in the low $300’s…it’s unheard of and the price is absolutely unsustainable. Looking to create equity by the end of 2014? Then I suggest you get busy and get on a property before the market shifts again.
If you are looking at investing in a “cashflow heaven” and want to make some serious capital then I suggest you fill out you take a serious look at our latest development, Returns on River Road. The last remaining lots will not last a week. Submit your Expression of Interest form ASAP or risk missing this deal. Then forward your form to to get your foot in the door.

Data reveals dwelling values in the South East Queensland market are still rising rapidly every month.

RP Data reported that Brisbane moved 2.9% higher in March alone which was one of the highest month-on-month results of any capital city. Imagine if it continues this rising trend for 6 months? That’s a 17% growth which is around $50,000 before settlement!  RP Data suggests Brisbane is the capital to watch for future growth due to a culmination of drivers including high rental yields and prices being 30% lower than Sydney.

Can you see why hundreds of experts are referring to 2014 as the greatest real estate buying opportunity over the past 10 years?But just as you can no longer buy a unit in Sydney for $156,000 (like you could back in 1994)… this small window of opportunity will disappear shortly in and around Brisbane as well. 

Don’t be kicking yourself about this too.

Returns at River Road is the best decision you’ll make this year.

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Mark Rolton

CEO – Massland


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