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Amanda is on her way to Europe


It’s official, we have a winner! I’m delighted to announce Amanda as the lucky winner of our ‘Win a Trip to the Europe’ competition…congratulations Amanda!

Take a listen to Amanda’s story. It’s a fantastic example of someone who really had the determination to change her life.  Her motivation was to spend more time with her girls and by becoming a full time property developer, she is doing just that.

Would banking $1.96 million in 2 years change your life – it certainly has for Amanda…Here’s Amanda’s winning entry: click here to listen


Amanda and her husband were able to turn their love of property into a fully fledged business that now ensures Amanda doesn’t have to work full time, but more importantly has been a financial windfall. In 2015 they completed 2 projects consisting of 3 townhouses and 5 townhouses.  And in 2016 were more ambitious and took on 19 townhouses over 6 different sites.  Amanda was project manager across these sites and as you can see from the photographs below, the developments are in various stages of construction and  look incredible.  


Simply by entering this video telling us about her property journey, Amanda has won the Trip of a Lifetime to Europe:

  • return airfares for two people to either London, Rome or Paris – she gets to choose her destination 
  • she has $10,000 to spend on her holiday and can decide if she goes for 5 days or 5 weeks!

I have been overwhelmed by the number of inspiring stories you have sent in about your property investing journey.  To every single person who entered this competition, my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you, you’ve taken the time to share your amazing stories and I’m so pleased you did.

As you’ve heard from Amanda, success from property investing is achievable and within the reach of anyone willing to get motivated. What’s your story going to be? Join the thousands of people just like Amanda who are making their dreams come true through property investing

Changing lives every day…


Mark Rolton

I want to bring you some powerful and very insightful news from the last 24 hours in Australia.

The RBA has just revealed that Australian exports are at an all-time high and we are almost on parity with the US dollar.

Chief Economic Adviser for HSBC, Dr Edwards has revealed that in the first two months of 2014 there was a trade surplus of an astounding $2.6 billion dollars. To put this in context for you…. Australian exports are greater than our imports by an enormous $2.6 billion, in just an 8 week window.

That is the greatest statistic of exports we’ve had since 1971.

Additionally LNG is tomorrow’s energy for Australia and we hold a staggering $200 billion dollars’ worth of LNG projects on foot right now ……Australia is the largest LNG producer in the world. 

What this means for our economy is monumental – let me explain more in today’s market snapshot!

We’ve attracted $200 billion dollars’ worth of foreign investment for that one resource! It’s no wonder Australia is heralded the lucky country.To explain this enormity…..that’s well over 60% of the whole globes expenditure on LNG alone…..which sits in our very own backyard!

This single resource is set to create over 600,000 jobs in the next decade. Do the maths here and think about the financial implications….this will bring an explosion of money and economic viability to our shores…and thousands of jobs to us and our children for many years to come….what will this do to property prices? 

Unemployment here in Australia is sitting at a low 5.7% and we are witnessing the lowest interest rates in Australia’s history….you are currently seeing a spiralling market of real estate values going through the roof.

In the last week alone in Sydney you have seven properties that have sold in excess of 20 million dollars – from Bellevue Hill to Rouse Hill – it’s extraordinary.

Every capital city bar Perth is experiencing double digit phases of growth right now.

Have you been waiting for a sign to jump into the market? Well I don’t think you need further proof that the market is on it’s way up and I don’t think you will ever witness a more incredible or robust time for property investing. The question is……. how many properties can accumulate and set up in your portfolio so you can take advantage of the largest price shift Australia has seen for the past decade? Will you have to wait another 10 years to attain this kind of capital growth again?

What are you going to do about the explosive culmination of growth drivers that is in the process of setting the market on fire? Will you look back on the tectonic shift we are about to witness and thank your stars you took some action?

Right now at Massland we have customers today buying property for $430,000 – $440,000 knowing full well they in the next year they will potentially see $60,000 – $80,000 in equity. This is the time you can make some serious money.

Can you see why hundreds of experts are referring to 2014 as the greatest real estate buying opportunity over the past 10 years?

How is your retirement plan looking? How will you possibly save the $1 million PLUS necessary for a comfortable retirement on your current wage – or the plan you are following? I suggest you get busy and make an active decision about your future today.

The market is moving fast, so much so that many face being locked out of the market forever!

If you’re looking for an investment that is “cashflow heaven” AND promises serious capital return, then I suggest you take a serious look at Returns on River Road. 

Right now we have a handful of 3bdrm townhouse priced at ONLY $306,000!!!

That’s a BRAND NEW townhouse just 20kms from Brisbane in the low $300’s (surrounded by exploding infrastructure and popular amenities)…a price like this is unheard of.

If you’re looking to create equity by December (when these settle), then submit your Expression of Interest form today to secure one of the last lots – these will not last long.

Just as you can no longer buy a unit in Sydney for $156,000 (like you could back in 1994)… the small window of opportunity will disappear shortly in and around Brisbane as well.

Don’t be kicking yourself about this too.

Returns at River Road is the best decision you’ll make this year.

 Mark Rolton

CEO – Massland

I trust you had a brilliant Christmas and as you embark on the New Year I want to ask you a very important question.  Did you capture all of the financial progress you intended in 2013? Did you invest in the Australian property market or do you have plans to? Have you got a well thought out plan for the enormous opportunities the New Year ahead will present?
If not I’m going to suggest you get a pen and paper and watch the video below and let’s map out a clear plan for 2014 together.

Think about it folks….. where will you be in a decade from now if you don’t set a plan in motion?

What has stopped you from investing in property the past? Perhaps fear and worry of the unknown? Well in today’s video I reveal to you my secure and proven plan that thousands of Massland graduates are using right now to build phenomenal wealth.

This year is the time to press the play button and make it real for you. There is obviously time eroding against you and I none of us are getting any younger.


It’s evident right now that markets are rallying in an unprecedented way and there is no better time than right now to start your property investing plan. Markets across Australia are spiralling out of control……. literally going nuts. This is particularly evident on the eastern seaboard of Australia, where we are in a double digit phase of growth.




So let’s recap on the financial environment we are in currently; real estate is competitive and interest rates are lowCould you wish for a better time to jump in? Australia is extremely attractive to overseas investors – yet still many of us are procrastinating on what’s in our own backyard.

My suggestion is to launch in now or you may seriously miss the boat. Call our team of specialists to help you get started on (07) 5531 7822 or email

Start working on this today – not tomorrow…..RIGHT NOW!

It is time to get a concise and clear plan started in 2014 and get on-board the before the market upswing. Imagine looking back in another year from now only to realise you’re still in the same position financially….. I can assure you, there is nothing worse than hindsight; kicking yourself because you could have invested in a market before it had taken off.

If you need help with your plan or some savvy advice on where to start, please send an email through to with your details and let my highly astute team of property professionals help you embark on a life changing year of property investing in 2014.


Yours in success…


Mark Rolton