People in the trenches achieving great results…

Every week we get calls from graduates needing support and advice as they work on putting together great deals.

Here are a couple from graduates all over Australia who are in the trenches….

  • Simon from Canberra is working with his brother in law on a Joint Venture deal.
  • Roy is working on a profitable splitter in WA. He has a keen seller and is marketing to sell the back block to first home buyers or investors by partnering with a builder to create a house and land package.
  • Stephen is working on the last pieces of a Development Approval for 7 townhouses in Queensland.  He is carefully looking over the due diligence and talking with council to ensure he has a smooth operational works approval and realises the profits he believes possible.
  • Laura and her husband James are negotiating with 3 owners in NSW.  They are wanting to amalgamate the blocks together and pass it as a short option onto a developer in the area who is keen on apartments.

These people are out there and taking positive steps towards their goals… and a great example of the results achievable from implementing the strategies and skills gained as a Massland graduate.

Their lives are changing for the better…this could be you!

See you at the finish line…

Mark Rolton and the Massland Team