Massland competition winners enjoy a day on the water

What a great day out on the water recently with our top 15 finalists of Massland’s biggest ever prize giveaway. Our top 15 winners spent their time enjoying Mark’s hospitality on board to shoot the breeze around property deals as well as connecting to form new partnerships. It was wonderful to see everyone sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Here are a few pictures of this special day on Broadwater – lucky for us the weather was spectacular.

It was awesome to get to know everyone in greater depth in a relaxing environment. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to hear everyone’s new deals in more depth and the profits they will be banking the second and third time round.

It was also very inspiring to hear everyone’s journey and how much their lives have changed as a result of putting into practise what they had learnt at Property Options and Conclave. It was certainly a humbling and gratifying experience for me – a thoroughly enjoyable day and night together.a

Keep your eyes open for the next Massland competition – so we can hear your story and you can join me in the winner’s circle.

Changing lives every day…

Mark Rolton