Smart Australians Are Turning Their Backs On Negative Gearing and Other Risky Methods of Property Investment to Embrace a Proven System Which Steadily Grows Their Wealth.

Here are their success stories...

From: Mark Rolton
Monday, 1:53 pm

Josh made his first real estate deal while working overseas applying what he learned at Real Estate University and is already on his way to an early retirement.

Here’s how he did it:

Josh was looking for a house on a large block of land, so he could split the land and put up two houses. He asked around to see if anyone was looking to get rid of houses and found someone who had 17 blocks to sell.

After receiving the email about a block that suited what he was after, Josh flew home on one of his breaks from work to check it out and put the deal together. Some of the houses had new kitchens, bath & toilets and very tidy insides. A few even had full air conditioning.

Josh found out that one of the blocks had a DA approval for four transport homes, which would be perfect for what he wanted to do. A quick feasibility study revealed he could easily fit four houses on the block.

From this one deal, Josh stood to make a $900,000 profit.

Here’s how the numbers stacked up:

  1.     Value of block of land:  $295,000
  2.     4 pre-loved houses moved, restumped and built: $300,000
  3.     Cost to furnish the 4 houses to accommodate mining companies:  $40,000
  4.     Landscape, driveways, turf etc:  $60,000
  5.     Total project cost: Approximately $700,000
  6.     Estimated selling price:  $400,000 per house ($1,600,000 total)
  7. Estimated profit: $900,000

72 Year Old Don Made $159,983 On His First Property Deal

Most people in debt at 72 years of age would save and scrimp every dollar they had to become debt-free or to leave something for their children and grandchildren. Unlike Don from Perth. Looking for a solution to get out of debt quickly, Don attended Real Estate University.

Despite having to make a significant investment, Don decided to attend the event. While he gained the knowledge which could help him quickly get out of debt, a lack of confidence prevented Don from putting what he had learned in practice for 3 and half years.

Eventually, Don decided to pull the trigger and targeted areas that had residential development potential with zonings R30 or higher. He sent handwritten letters to 80 owners and received 7 responses.

Most of the 7 vendors stated they were not looking for an option. However one of them was happy to proceed with a formal agreement, aware that his site had development potential…in fact he believed it could sustain a 5 lot subdivision.

This agreement consisted of a 2 year term (24 months), a $1,000 option fee and a $1,010,000 option price.

Further enquiries with the State Planning Commission and the Local Authority confirmed not only what was discussed with the land owner but enhanced the benefits because of the Plot Ratio ( 0.6) on this site of 1012 sqm. The town plan permitted the construction of 607 sqm of floor area if multiple dwellings were to be constructed.

The unusually wide street frontage of 40.23 m and shallow depth of 25.15m would allow a very simple 5 lot subdivision to be approved, with each lot having its own street frontage of over 8m. It turned out to be a simple process that the council would fully support.

In essence, Don realised this was a “No Brainer.” He saw no reason to obtain a Development Approval and  immediately on sold the property as a Short Option.

To find an ultimate buyer, Don advertised both in print and electronic media, highlighting the benefits of this option. He received calls from valuers, local real estate agents, builders, developers and eventually received conditional offers – 2 offers of $40,000, 1 offer of $110,000 and 2 offers of $165,000.

This eventually led to an unconditional assignment of $165,000 which was his original asking assignment price from which he knew the incoming assignee would benefit. As a result, Don made a neat profit and so did the owner of the property. Most importantly, for the new option holder there was still nearly 18 months outstanding before the option had to be exercised by the  developer who bought the property. This left plenty of time to get his Development Approval through Council for the 5 blocks.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers leading to the $159,983 profit Don made.

Assignment Fee: $165,000

Breakdown of Costs:

Option Fee $1,000

Legal Fee $3,713

Advertising Costs $304

Development Approval NIL

Total Costs $ 5,017

Profit $159,983

Not only did Don make a tidy profit, but he was Debt-Free for the first time in his married life.

If Don could bank $159,983 and become debt free at the age of 72 for the first time in his married life, what more living proof does anyone need that this is a life-changing opportunity to become wealthy through real-estate without even owning it?

As a father and husband, I know exactly how it feels when your income just isn’t sufficient to afford a holiday, special anniversary gift or private tutoring to help your child achieve their true potential.

I’ve been through the struggle myself, when I found myself in a challenging situation after a trusted employee embezzled $200,000 cash from my company and left me with a $230,000 tax bill.

Overnight, I went from becoming an owner of a company to eking out a living as a window cleaner for $10.60 an hour.

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered Property Options, a real-estate wealth creation strategy which helped me quickly pay off my debt, restore my shattered self-confidence and enjoy the lifestyle I had always dreamed about.

Despite my success, I can never forget the days of struggling to get out of debt. More than anything else in life, my passion is to help other struggling Australians enjoy the lifestyle that is truly achievable by following my property options system.

This is now my mission and my greatest joy lies in the hundreds of people with no prior real estate experience, who are willing to share their success story, encouraging others to participate in this wealth creation opportunity.

It’s also why I decided to start the Real Estate University, a 3-Day program for serious-minded Australians who are open to non-traditional ways of generating a lucrative full-time or part-time income through real-estate.


Jim and Louise Made $220K in Just 6 Weeks from Property Options

Jim and Louise not only listened to every bit of information I offered, they absolutely immersed themselves in it.

Within just  6 weeks of sending a letter to the owner of a property they felt would be perfect to option, they made themselves a massive $220,000 profit…all they invested was time. Time to learn, research and do their due diligence.

How They Did It:

Jim and Louise found an 8,084sqm landholding, which had an old house on it about 30 kms from Brisbane. By researching the town plan and zoning they realised the potential to place a significantly sized development on the block.

The biggest hurdle was ascertaining the owner’s needs, which was key to this deal going through.  The owner was an elderly lady whose son had a portion of the property in his name. Both were very hesitant which is why Jim decided to bring Louise along for the meetings.

After spending some time getting to know the owner they understood she wanted a new four bedroom level home and a new car to be able to access amenities as she was getting older. Jim and Louise realised this was a small price to pay and the deal was made.

My company, Massland partnered with Jim and Louise to put 34 townhouses on the property.

The end result was that Jim and Louise came away $220,000 richer in just six weeks and the elderly lady got a the brand new four bedroom home of her dreams and a new car.

This couple made $220K from Property Options in 6 Weeks!

What’s Common In All Of These Case Studies?

None of them were property developers or had done any deals like this before. None of them had to save a large deposit. And none of them had to jump through hoops to get a bank loan.

Yet they all made a decent profit after attending Real Estate University.

Imagine being able to generate $50,000, $200,000 or Even $1,500,000 through Real Estate, without worrying how you’ll able to make repayments on a loan if your investment property lies vacant for a few months...or if you suddenly lose your job.

Even better, you don’t have to bother about paying a real-estate agent to manage your rental property, council fees or the cost of maintaining a rental property.

That’s exactly why more people are turning to my Property Options System - to leave their jobs or just earn a second income through Real Estate.

But I have One Big Problem.

I’m Faced With a Huge Demand From Developers Who Are Looking for Properties Which I Cannot Meet On My Own.

I have a database of over 1,200 property developers who are constantly looking for development opportunities. They need people like you and I on the ground as scouts to find and take them opportunities for which they pay handsome amount.

This can be done part time after hours or full time for those more serious about changing their lifestyle.

But How?

I’m running a live mastermind where you walk away with my step-by-step blueprints on how to put together highly profitable deals like the ones all my other students are doing. I’d like to invite you apply to join me at my 3 Day event, Real Estate University, where you will discover:

  • My step-by-step formula to own 10 properties in 10 years debt free without using your own money.
  • How to uncover the next growth hotspots BEFORE other investors. The magic indicators that tell you whether an area is poised to explode in property prices.
  • How to use my money to build your property portfolio. No that is not a typo. Anyone who attends the event receives invitation to partner with my company where we pay the deposit, for the DA, the permits, architects, all consulting fees. I will also send one of my own professional negotiators out to help you negotiate the best deal.
  • Want an instant cashflow boost? The government ‘loophole’ that pays you extra money every fortnight on your investment property. Less than 1% of investors know about this loophole. Here’s how to “claim” your money.
  • How to guarantee you receive rent every week– even when your property is vacant. Plus there’s no need to pay for landlord insurance. It’s Amazing and you’ll find out how.
  • When to sell a positive cashflow property fast. Before it turns into a cash-sucking monster.
    PLUS… All attendees also get a copy of my highly popular home study program, “How to Own 10 Properties in 10 Years Debt Free.” This program is valued at $495, but it’s my gift to attendees. But there’s a catch…

This Event Is Not For Everyone, And Strictly By Application Only

What we’re looking for, is to assemble a small, intimate group of entrepreneurs and aspiring wealth creators so we can take you on a learning experience like no other. (If you are not making money from property full time yet – and you’re looking to break the shackles of 9-5 employment - that’s ok too.)

This will be an interactive event, not just another ‘sit and listen’ presentation.

For this reason – we need to be very selective about who we allow in.

We’re only looking for people who’ll actually absorb and apply the principles to achieve meaningful success.

So, to weed out the pretenders and time wasters, we have a few strict (but reasonable) eligibility requirements.

Does this sound like you?

  • You must be looking for a big financial breakthrough, more meaning, more free time or more balance in your life. (If you’re just curious and want to be entertained for 3 days - please do not apply.)
  • You must be open to learning unconventional ways of using property to grow your wealth. If you this is not for you.
  • You must be willing to get down and dirty in the trenches. This is no place for egos.
  • You must be aware this isn’t a $50 ‘pitch fest’ event. This is a world-class, full paid training. It’s not cheap, but the value you receive will cover your admission fee many times over (usually within a couple of months).

Ok. That’s it. They’re the criteria.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to learn the timeless wealth-creation principles of the world’s richest and happiest multi-millionaires...

Next Live Event: November 2-5, 2018

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More Regular People With Extraordinary Results

3 Options with a $1.9 Million Potential

Roland and Cheryl - 5 properties and $500K profit

Here’s How To Apply

For the same reason we have strict eligibility requirements, you won’t find a “buy now” button on this page.

Instead, we ask that you enter your basic details on the form below (nothing obtrusive - just name, email, phone), and tell us a bit about why you think you should be accepted into this event.

If we think you sound like a good fit, we’ll give you a call to talk you through the ins and outs of the program to make sure it’s right for you.

Next Live Event: November 2-5, 2018

The Early Bird Registrations For The November Event Will End In:


Enter your information below to apply for the upcoming Real Estate University Event

Four Reasons Why This Event Has Created More Self-Made Real-Estate Millionaires Than Any Other Seminar

  • Everything you learn will be backed by proof.

    You’ll see case studies of what my students and I have achieved. It’s based on real world, in-the-trenches proven, yet incredibly powerful strategies me and my students use.

    Let me emphasise this important point again.

    I didn’t dream all this success up last night. I have a 15 year track record where I have made a fortune for myself and importantly, helped others do the same.

  • At the event I am famous for answering everyone’s questions.

    I don’t care if I need to stay until 2am to make sure you are confident in the process. I’m committed to ensuring my students succeed, so if you are accepted you can be assure you will walk away knowing exactly what your next steps to becoming wealthy through property are.

  • Unlike most other events, where you’re left to your own resources once the event is over or are sold an expensive do-it-yourself educational package, you will have the opportunity to partner with me to grow your wealth 10 times faster than you can on your own.

    If you’re willing to back yourself, I’m willing to partner with you so we can grow our wealth together. Meaning you’ll have access to my money, my team and my expertise to make sure you succeed.

  • After event support.

    My company Massland is known for it’s excellence in after event care. So if you leave the event and you forget something, or you get stuck in a bind and need help you can always call our highly trained support team. This is not a call centre in India, these are my team located on the Gold Coast who all use the same processes to amass wealth through property for their families.

Here is the Agenda For This Life Changing 3 Day Event

Day 1 Cash Flow

  • The fundamentals of cash from Property Options: 15 different ways to pull cash immediately from Real Estate without owning it.
  • A financial map of how to ‘blend’ strategies together – i.e.: large cash chunks with cashflow.
  • Using the basic principles of Options on residential property (Pick and Flick)

Day 2 Portfolio Builder

The 6 styles of investing with Property Options:

  • Vendor Finance – the genius behind “their” security
  • Automatic Acquisition Plan – Owning 10 properties outright for cash. The “How – to”
  • Modes of Real Estate investing and how to hit the target
  • Securitisation – how to offset the need for security and avoiding the glass ceiling with banks.
  • Protecting and preserving – structures and massive tax breaks
  • Flipping for cash now and how to retain assets for no money

Day 3 Property Options Peak Performer

  • Masterful Negotiation – how to always get the “yes”
  • Using the internet as our slave – tools of the trade
  • Key principles of control – how Trump does it
  • Combinations – How to extract huge profits with the highest and best use
  • The Ultimate Buyer – let’s start with the end in mind. How to create a ready-made market...

Who is this for:

  • If you want to earn a 6- to 7-figure passive income from property, then this event is for you.
  • If you can't get bank finance to buy more properties, then be sure to attend this event.
  • If you want to know how to invest in property with little or no money down, then this event will be eye-opening for you.
  • If you want a simple, safe, and proven system to build wealth through property, then this event is a must-attend for you.

And You Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction, I’m offering a...

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

Come to the event and if at the end of the first day, you feel I’ve wasted your time, simply let one of my staff members know and I’ll refund your money.

We won’t haggle or try to twist your arm into changing your mind. We’ll just hand back the money and thank you for giving it a go.

With a guarantee like this and so many high-profile success stories, if you’re truly committed to a shift in your life, there’s really no reason not to apply.

All we ask is you simply return all products, DVDs and manuals to us.

If you are still reading this page then you already know if this event is for you or not, so apply below and I look forward to meeting you in person.

To your success,

Mark Rolton


P.S. Entry to this event is subject to a qualification process and requires a significant investment. Please apply only if you are serious and willing to follow-through on what you will learn.

P.S.S. Remember, if you qualify to attend the event you’ll have a rare opportunity of a joint venture partnership with my company so you can have access to my money and the expertise of my team to help you succeed 10 times faster than you would on your own.

Next Live Event: November 2-5, 2018

The Early Bird Registrations For The November Event Will End In:


Enter your information below to apply for the upcoming Real Estate University Event

About Mark Rolton

Mark Rolton overcame incredible odds to go from being $430,000 in debt to becoming Australia’s #1 Property Options expert. Has taught thousands of students how to grow wealth through property.

Mark’s brainchild is Massland, a company which partners with everyday Australians to set up property option deals, where a part of the profits are shared with partners.

What’s unique about Mark’s joint venture arrangement is that Massland takes care of the entire funding required to put the deal together for keen investors.

Massland also provides the expertise of their skilled team to negotiate with the sellers and ultimate buyers, overcoming the possibility of an option falling through due to the lack of experience shown by joint venture partners.


This takes the risk away from the joint venture partners, who aren’t required to put up any capital or miss out on a deal if they lack highly developed negotiation skills.

A father of two lovely children and a husband, Mark is an ironman triathlete, adventure racer, and avid helicopter enthusiast


A Property Option is a real estate strategy which gives you the right to control a property at an agreed price in a specified time period.

It gives you the option but not the obligation to buy a property at a set price applicable for an agreed amount of time.

This is the time you can utilise to find a buyer willing to develop the property, the end goal being you can make a profit from the property without actually buying it.

There are many ways you can make money with property options. One way to make money is to pass on the deal on to a developer for a fee.

Another way is to partner with a developer and get a share of the profits and also make an agreement where you acquire one of the houses when the development project is completed.

We will show you several ways to make money from Property Options at Real Estate University.

Finding the right properties to option is a skill which we teach you at Real Estate University. This is a systematic process and we go through this step-by-step in the event.

We will also reveal the resources you will need to simplify the process and minimise the time you invest in finding the properties to option.