Another winner, another incredible holiday

Massland’s competition winner Amanda tells us about her adventure

Do you remember the awesome competition we ran last year? It was one of Massland’s biggest ever prize giveaways, offering the chance to win the trip of a lifetime.

Our lucky winner Amanda chose to take a skiing holiday in Japan, and we were more than happy to pick up the tab for this go-getta and her lovely family.

They had a great trip, with the whole family taking to the slopes, and shared their holiday photos with us.

Do you remember Amanda’s story? It was an inspiring insight into her property journey, alongside her husband, which has been life changing for this family. Amanda is now a full time developer and her own boss, with more time to spend with her young family.

Incredibly, she has banked $1.96 million in just two and half years…it’s phenomenal! Here’s a recap of her winning entry click here to listen

Amanda’s had a busy few years and I’m sure was more than ready to enjoy her holiday. As you’ve heard from Amanda, success from property investing is achievable and within the reach of anyone willing to get motivated, and the potential rewards are mind blowing.

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us Amanda and congratulations again on your win!

Why not join the thousands of people just like Amanda who are making their dreams come true through property investing…it could be your turn next time.

Changing lives every day…

Mark Rolton