Another Massland success story…

It’s always a pleasure to share success stories with you.

Take Scott for example. He attended Conclave with us and immediately set about finding a development site he could sink his teeth into.

He optioned a site that had the capacity for an estimated 23 – 27 townhouses. He has done thorough Due Diligence on the site and currently is working with his Town Planner on submitting a DA into council for 27 townhouses. In his words ’23 will work really well and 27 would be a bonus.’

He is interviewing builders and getting firm quotes but most importantly he has Expressions of Interest on 50% of the future townhouses. He can use these EOIs as pre-sales when he needs finance for construction.

Scott is working hard but enjoying the journey and learning a lot as he works through the development process. With a conservative profit between $1.8 – $2 million dollars, it’s an incredible outcome for Scott and his family.

Changing lives every day….

Mark Rolton and the Massland Team