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Top Marks for Unstoppable City

The report card for Brisbane property continues to impress…straight A’s are becoming the norm for this leading investment location. Brisbane looks set to continue its top of the class status with the latest report from CoreLogic Data revealing that 90 suburbs in the Greater Brisbane area achieved above average house price growth in the last quarter of 2016.

According to the report, median house prices have soared by almost 25 per cent in some Brisbane suburbs, defying slowdowns in home values in other major cities. Experts have dubbed the sunshine capital the ‘teflon’ city, with Brisbane bucking the national trends and seeing house prices soar.

In one suburb alone, the median house price increased by 24.6 per cent with South Brisbane leaping to a staggering $1.76 million in the December quarter.

Of course, these results are no surprise to Massland. Our strategy of honing in on the most lucrative investment locations continues to pay off.

We’ve spent years refining our method to identify high achieving suburbs that tick all the boxes…high growth population, easy access to the CBD and a comprehensive offering of quality amenities such as schools, retail stores and recreational facilities.

Brisbane has gained momentum as a property powerhouse, and experts are singing the praises of the quiet achiever. Here’s what Terry Ryder, founder of had to say recently:

“Meanwhile, Brisbane chugs along, largely under the radar of national media – but not property investors who are smart enough to do their own research. A recent national survey found that Brisbane is the No.1 choice for property investors who plan to buy in 2017. Cheaper prices and much higher rental yields, compared to the two biggest cities, are strong attractions for nationally-focused investors.

Having just completed my latest analysis of sales data, I can confirm that the leading precinct for market activity is the Moreton Bay Region in Brisbane’s far north, where affordability, infrastructure and proximity to jobs nodes are key factors.”

Read the full article here

10 properties in 10 years.

Yours in success

Mark Rolton

People in the trenches achieving great results…

Every week we get calls from graduates needing support and advice as they work on putting together great deals.

Here are a couple from graduates all over Australia who are in the trenches….

  • Simon from Canberra is working with his brother in law on a Joint Venture deal.
  • Roy is working on a profitable splitter in WA. He has a keen seller and is marketing to sell the back block to first home buyers or investors by partnering with a builder to create a house and land package.
  • Stephen is working on the last pieces of a Development Approval for 7 townhouses in Queensland.  He is carefully looking over the due diligence and talking with council to ensure he has a smooth operational works approval and realises the profits he believes possible.
  • Laura and her husband James are negotiating with 3 owners in NSW.  They are wanting to amalgamate the blocks together and pass it as a short option onto a developer in the area who is keen on apartments.

These people are out there and taking positive steps towards their goals… and a great example of the results achievable from implementing the strategies and skills gained as a Massland graduate.

Their lives are changing for the better…this could be you!

See you at the finish line…

Mark Rolton and the Massland Team

New high for median house price   

The Brisbane property market is the talk of backyard barbies and around the water cooler with the latest results taking the property values to a new high never before seen.

The median price has hit an impressive $655,000, with the latest figures from the December 2016 quarter from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).

According to REIQ chief executive Antonia Mercorella, the Brisbane residential house market is a dependable performer.

“This is consistent, sustainable growth that the Brisbane market has become known for and it is great that it’s such a solid performer,” she said.

This latest news is sure to keep all eyes looking north as Melbourne and Sydney investors scramble to enter a market that is both affordable and producing incredible results.

Not only do Brisbane properties offer value for money, but the city is prospering with a strong, growing local economy. The city’s $146 billion economy (source: Brisbane City Council – Key Economic Facts 2016) is predicted to grow to more than $217 billion by 2031, and is recognised as a key driver of the Australian economy as it enters its 26th year of continuous growth. (source: Austrade 2017)

Brisbane’s appeal is also driving families back to the city with couples wanting to start a family, or couples with young children leaving the rat race of the mega cities for a much easier lifestyle.

Of course, it’s not just lifestyle that has people turning to Brisbane, it’s financial common sense, especially for Sydney-siders. According to Uno Home Loans data analysis:

  • Rents are up to $700 cheaper in Brisbane than Sydney
  • Stamp duty is significantly lower
  • Median house price is almost half of Sydney

Families are ditching Sydney for this reason, buying large spacious homes in great areas for the same price as a cramped, run down terrace in Sydney. Many are finding they have to choose between adding to their family or upgrading their home because, “financially it’s not doable.”

A couple like Andrew and Karen found that trying to upgrade their Sydney home was just too much of a challenge. Faced with the opportunity to sell their Sydney fixer upper for a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a pool on a 900 sqm block with $200,000 in change, it ended up a no-brainer for the family to move to Brisbane.

It’s certainly hard to disagree with CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless, “Brisbane’s market has everything going for it.”  

Keep charging…

Mark Rolton

Another Massland success story…

It’s always a pleasure to share success stories with you.

Take Scott for example. He attended Conclave with us and immediately set about finding a development site he could sink his teeth into.

He optioned a site that had the capacity for an estimated 23 – 27 townhouses. He has done thorough Due Diligence on the site and currently is working with his Town Planner on submitting a DA into council for 27 townhouses. In his words ’23 will work really well and 27 would be a bonus.’

He is interviewing builders and getting firm quotes but most importantly he has Expressions of Interest on 50% of the future townhouses. He can use these EOIs as pre-sales when he needs finance for construction.

Scott is working hard but enjoying the journey and learning a lot as he works through the development process. With a conservative profit between $1.8 – $2 million dollars, it’s an incredible outcome for Scott and his family.

Changing lives every day….

Mark Rolton and the Massland Team


The temperatures this summer have been off the charts with the soaring mercury almost matching the sizzling hot property market.

Most of Australia has spent the last few months trying to stay out of the crazy hot weather. With record high temperatures all over the country, most of us were asking ‘how much hotter can it get?’

It’s the same with the property market…there is no end in sight for the soaring highs that are being achieved through property investing.

The latest news from the December quarter shows the once exclusive $1m suburb club is booming. According to property analysts, Core Logic, the number of suburbs in Australia with a medium home value of $1 million or more, has skyrocketed in the last five years…it’s off the charts!

The analysis uncovered that there was a 160 per cent rise in the number of suburbs with an average of $1m over the five years to last December. Today there are 750 suburbs across the country with a medium $1 million price – compared to the 275 suburbs five years ago.

What does this mean for you? It means you’re running out of time as prices climb…the time to act is NOW while you still can.

Life flies by so fast with work, family, deadlines, bills and basic day-to-day living.  You get to the end of the year and reflect on your choices; and the things you haven’t achieved.

That means, if you’re not already investing in Brisbane, it’s time to make a move.

Our latest Massland offering gives you all the bells and whistles, without the million dollar price tag. It’s a sound, solid investment that offers phenomenal value for money.  Click here – Mark on site on Bestow….

Bestow at Burpengary is just 36 minutes from booming Brisbane and is a development that ticks all the boxes at the impressive price point of $426,700.

These house and land packages are move in ready with all the trimmings that tenants crave and within close proximity to booming Brisbane. Take a look at what’s on offer with Bestow:

  • all landscaping, fences, driveways, letterbox, TV aerial, window treatments, floor coverings, turf and clotheslines
  • built-in wardrobes with rails and shelving
  • fabulous chef’s kitchen with all stainless steel appliances
  • highly sought after stone bench tops
  • alfresco entertaining area
  • air conditioning in both the living area and master bedroom
  • just minutes from highly sought after shopping, medical facilities, schools and public transport on every tenant’s wish list
  • wrap all these additions into a contemporary four bedroom, 2 bathroom home AND you get Massland’s Peace of Mind Rental Guarantee

If you think that this type of mind blowing opportunity is only available to people with huge incomes or massive savings, it’s time to think again. If you have a regular steady income…this is within your grasp. Tapping into this lucrative market is not just for the lucky few…it is achievable if you’re willing to take action.

Call and speak to Leon on 07 5531 7822 or and get started…

Make sure you grab this opportunity while it’s hot…this sizzling summer won’t last forever and neither will Bestow. 

Call or email Leon today…

Keep chargin’…

Mark Rolton

Property smashes growth and return

It’s that lurking figure that underpins how much our money is really worth…good old inflation. It has a way of sneaking up year after year, making every dollar you have worth less when you come to buy something.

Keeping up with inflation is a tough gig…and for many investors it’s a juggling act trying to figure out how much your hard earned investments are earning and what that means in real terms.

The holy grail of investing is the magic combination of both growth and return. It sounds elusive, but when it comes to property, you’re tapping into both.

WIth the right property, in the right location, your capital growth is as close to a sure thing as you’ll find. And with most properties doubling in value every ten years or so, it’s a no-brainer for growth.

The added bonus is that returns are incredibly good, with rent now outpacing inflation. A recent report by the Tenants Union of NSW published in the Australian Financial Review shows that rents are actually smashing inflation.

According to the Rent Tracker, rents have shot past the inflation rate, rising 5 per cent in the year to September 2016. At the same time, the number of renters has also jumped by the same amount…more and more people competing to rent YOUR property!

There’s never been a better time to invest in property. Growth in capital is soaring, rents are outpacing inflation and the population is outpacing supply. WIN-WIN-WIN.

Keep chargin’

Mark Rolton

Amanda is on her way to Europe


It’s official, we have a winner! I’m delighted to announce Amanda as the lucky winner of our ‘Win a Trip to the Europe’ competition…congratulations Amanda!

Take a listen to Amanda’s story. It’s a fantastic example of someone who really had the determination to change her life.  Her motivation was to spend more time with her girls and by becoming a full time property developer, she is doing just that.

Would banking $1.96 million in 2 years change your life – it certainly has for Amanda…Here’s Amanda’s winning entry: click here to listen


Amanda and her husband were able to turn their love of property into a fully fledged business that now ensures Amanda doesn’t have to work full time, but more importantly has been a financial windfall. In 2015 they completed 2 projects consisting of 3 townhouses and 5 townhouses.  And in 2016 were more ambitious and took on 19 townhouses over 6 different sites.  Amanda was project manager across these sites and as you can see from the photographs below, the developments are in various stages of construction and  look incredible.  


Simply by entering this video telling us about her property journey, Amanda has won the Trip of a Lifetime to Europe:

  • return airfares for two people to either London, Rome or Paris – she gets to choose her destination 
  • she has $10,000 to spend on her holiday and can decide if she goes for 5 days or 5 weeks!

I have been overwhelmed by the number of inspiring stories you have sent in about your property investing journey.  To every single person who entered this competition, my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you, you’ve taken the time to share your amazing stories and I’m so pleased you did.

As you’ve heard from Amanda, success from property investing is achievable and within the reach of anyone willing to get motivated. What’s your story going to be? Join the thousands of people just like Amanda who are making their dreams come true through property investing

Changing lives every day…


Mark Rolton

Wow! I can’t believe its November already….where has the year gone?

I need to ask you a straight up question…

How many of you have started, added or achieved your AAP goals for 2016?

If your answer is none, haven’t or nil – then I’m here to give you the heads up. You need to get something wrapped up this month.

It’s November and we know from here, it’s a steam train into Christmas and the New Year. 2017 will be upon us before we can blink.

You have 2 choices – Get in line for the price rise in 2017
or GSD (Get S**t Done) right now!

Click here…


Every year it’s the same story – Stockland, Devine and Mirvac all put up their prices by 10% – 15% on January 1. Next January will be no different. With prices going crazy on anything in Brisbane within a 50 minute radius of the CBD, it makes perfect sense.  Investors from all over Australia have switched on to how undervalued this region is and how the demographics are booming. 2017 is going to be a stellar year for the Brisbane Property market.

Let’s face it – Massland’s Bestow house and land packages at $426,700 are exceptional buying. With full turnkey construction making it tenant ready, it’s outstanding value so close to Australia’s third largest capital city. If you’ve been putting it off – your time needs to be now.

A 10% price increase will see you paying an extra $42,670 in just over a month’s time – be smart and keep the money in your pocket. Do your Christmas shopping early and give yourself an AAP gift.

My expert team are here to help you every step of the way – USE them. Get them working for you! Crunch the numbers with them and make it happen now. Call Leon on 07 5531 7822 or email don’t be complacent and postpone your AAP until next year and pay the price hikes.

I urge you use the rest of 2016 wisely and get your AAP kick started TODAY. 

Contact Leon, your expert investment representative – and get ahead of the masses. 

Keep chargin’…



Mark Rolton


If it has, I’m not at all surprised. I’m more convinced than ever that the Great Australian Dream is a myth and for many people, has turned into a nightmare.

So what’s happened here? We’ve had it ingrained since we were kids that our goal in life should be to buy a house on a quarter acre block and pay it off right? And we’d do this by locking into a 25 year mortgage with the banks rubbing their hands together after selling us this myth.

Question: Who gets rich in this scenario? (Hint, it’s not you)

Answer: The banks (they’ve been selling this dream for years)


That’s right folks, the Great Australian Dream is a myth that was sold to us by the banks. And it makes us pretty miserable because once we’re locked into that 25 year mortgage, we can’t simply can’t get ahead.

It time for change and property is one of the most lucrative, straight forward ways I know to rewind the nightmare. What are you waiting for?

Why not take control of your future and take the leap into property investing? Turn the myth on its head and proactively buy more property – taking advantage of the huge gains to be made by a market constantly on the rise.

Why not tap into a systematic, proven system – my Automatic Acquisition Plan (AAP) that takes you on the path to 10 properties debt free in 10 years.

Take action and get in touch with my team. Call my expert investment representatives on 07 5531 7822 or emailing, it really is that simple.

Yours in success


Mark Rolton

A Trip of a Lifetime could be yours 

Would you like to win a trip of a lifetime? There is still time to enter but I’m urging you to get cracking…the deadline is looming! This fantastic trip is there for the taking…imagine winning a $10,000 trip to Europe to the city of your choice – Paris, Rome or London.

Just grab your phone – record a quick clip (up to 90 seconds) telling me what you have done, what you are currently doing and the steps you are taking now for a better future through property. How easy is that?

It could be the plans you have for the next 6 months or what’s happened over the last six months. Maybe you have a few balls in the air – a few deals that you are working on right now using the strategies you’ve learnt from our educational events. That’s the stuff I want to hear and any of these stories all have a chance to win this amazing prize.

Why not join the long line of Massland prize winners who have enjoyed a memorable and inspiring trip on us. I’ve sent people to Italy, Disneyland, Fiji – the list goes on.


What You Can Win

  • $10,000 trip to Europe
  • You choose your destination – London, Paris or Rome
  • That will include your airfares, accommodation and spending money!

Be part of the winners circle…it is so easy to win this prize. Imagine strolling through one of the great cities of Europe without a care in the world. Just pick up your phone and hit record!

How To Enter? 


Record a short video (up to 90 seconds) telling us what property investing has done for you and your future.


Upload your video via Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube or Instagram and email the link to with the subject line “Trip of a Lifetime Entry”.

I want to hear about wins of any size. You might have just started or you might be well underway but I would love to hear about:

  • What you find so inspiring about property investing
  • How property investing is changing your life
  • Plans you have for the next 6 months

I can’t wait to watch your video and hear how your life has changed. Whatever property investing has done for you – I really want to know.

There’s no time to waste – make a start on your video today and best of luck with your entry!

Yours in success


Mark Rolton